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A win for Eucalyptus research in SA

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July 24, 2017
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July 26, 2019

A win for Eucalyptus research in SA

Merensky Eucs

Eucalyptus research bolstered by HM Foundation

– Merensky Timber wishes to congratulate the Hans Merensky Foundation (HMF) on their new forestry research programme at Stellenbosch University (SU).

The HMF program will focus on understanding and modelling the processes of the wood formation of Eucalyptus trees. The Hans Merensky Research Chair in Advanced Modelling of Eucalyptus Wood Formation is a ten-year contract that provides co-funding for new laboratory facilities and research equipment, as well as for a team of researchers and postgraduate students. Lead researcher for the initiative, Dr David Drew, is the senior lecturer in SU’s Department of Forest and Wood Science (DFWS).

“The process by which trees form wood is of global significance and cannot be underestimated,” says Drew. “Wood formation, technically known as xylogenesis, is fundamental to the fixing of carbon dioxide into the stable, valuable and beautiful material we call wood, and to the production of our increasingly important renewable timber resources.”

The initiative builds on the legacy of Dr Merensky’s experimentation with Eucalyptus, and will advance forestry training and research in South Africa. The first group of postdoctoral students and fellows to be supported through the Chair is expected to commence work in 2020.



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