With a career at Merensky Timber, the sky’s the limit…


Merensky Timber offers unique opportunities for individuals to pursue their goals and to excel and grow intellectually in order to attain personal, as well as professional, wellbeing. Merensky Timber recognises the importance of diversity and we believe that a career with us can open a world of opportunity and growth.

Investment in training, development and education of employees and their dependents is a vital and important part of Merensky’s business. Employees at all levels of education are encouraged to improve their skills and qualifications. In South Africa, bursaries are made available to dependents of employees for tertiary education.


Junior Forester – SFP – Sarnia

Wet-Mill Superintendent – Singisi Sawmill – KZN

General Manager – Singisi Forest Products

Project Manager – Merensky Timber


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